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Exporting to Lottie (beta)
Exporting to Lottie (beta)

Everything you need to know about exporting Jitter files to Lottie, the Figma to Lottie export flow, and more.

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We recently shipped a beta version of our Lottie exporter. This allows you to export your designs in Jitter to a JSON file that can be directly implemented to your websites, web apps, or mobile apps.

How to export to Lottie?

Once you've completed designing and animating your file on Jitter, you can choose the Lottie format when clicking on the "Export" button.

The Lottie format your file has been exported to should meet Lottie's vast majority of use cases. However, if you want your Lottie file to be optimized for web-only purposes, you can switch to our Lottie (web-only) format from the export page.

The Lottie (web only) format will mainly impact images:

  • Images are included in their native resolution for the Lottie (web only) format, while they are resized and cropped for the Lottie format.

  • Emoticons will be generated in SVG for the Lottie (web only) format, while they will be rasterized in PNG for the Lottie format.

Note: Using the Lottie format can lead to a slight loss of quality if the images are contained in a group that is scaled up.

Limitations of the Lottie export

Our Lottie exporter is still in beta. The majority of your animations will be correctly exported in Lottie except for two use cases:

  1. Text animations
    Text animations are not supported natively in Lottie. This means that we can't properly export letter or word animations, or any other text animations that are not fade-in. In the meantime, we transform text animations into a basic fade-in or fade-out animation while not changing the animation's duration.

  2. Mask animations
    Mask animations are also not supported natively. This means that the layer will be rendered without taking into account the mask animation.

The above-listed limitations are currently blocking the release of our Lottie exporter out of beta. We're aware of the frustration this might generate and we're currently working on a solution to make them work nonetheless.

If you're having issues with a Lottie export, please contact us using the tooltip on the export page and add some details about what's not working.

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