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Troubleshooting export issues
Troubleshooting export issues

You don't see the download button? Export is stuck? Experiencing issues downloading your files? Here's a list of solutions.

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Note: export currently only works when the export tab is active. In other words, even if the export takes a long time, you should not switch tabs or windows, otherwise export will pause. We know this is annoying, we're currently working on a viable improvement solution.

In some rare cases, the progress bar of the export may be stuck in the middle, and you can't see the button to download your GIF or video, here are 3 solutions you can try to make it work:

Solution 1: Try the latest version of Google Chrome on a computer

Jitter is currently optimized to run on the latest version of Google Chrome for desktop: if you are using another browser, please try again with Chrome, from your computer (not from a mobile device).

Solution 2: Try the "alternative export" method at the bottom of the export page.

Solution 3: Try another export format

Even with the latest version of Google Chrome, our export flow may still fail on Linux/Android OS. If this is your case, you can switch the export format from mp4 to webm.

Still not able to download your file?

If you're still experiencing issues downloading your file after trying the above, please reach out using the support icon or writing an email at:

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