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Can I use Jitter on my phone?
Can I use Jitter on my phone?

Is there a mobile version for Jitter? Can I edit Jitter animations on my phone? Find out about Mobile usage of Jitter in this article.

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We build Jitter to be a fast and easy animation tool on the web. Having this in mind, and thinking about the complexity of animating designs, we did not prioritize developments on Mobile versions.

Is there a mobile version of Jitter?

The short answer is: not currently.

We are web-based. This means you can always access from your mobile, but the experience might be degraded.

What if I'd like to use Jitter from my phone?

We read every user's feedback and prioritize our Roadmap accordingly. If you'd like to use Jitter from your phone, on a mobile app, or an optimized version for mobile, please contact us and explain how you'd like it to work.

In the meantime, to get the most out of Jitter, we recommend using Jitter on a computer, with Chrome.

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