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How to export a file on Jitter
How to export a file on Jitter

Export to Gif, to Video, to PNG, 4k exports, transparent background, Lottie export, and more. Discover how to export on Jitter.

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How to export?

Once you're done designing and animating your files on Jitter, you can export them easily. Here's how to proceed:

  1. In the Editor, click on the Export button

  2. Select the desired format and resolution in the dropdown menu

  3. This will open a new tab, and start exporting.

  4. From this page you'll be able to access more advanced export options (export type, FPS, resolution, etc.)

  5. Once the export is completed, click on the Download button

What formats can I export to?

You can choose from a wide large of export types on Jitter. Depending on your plan, you'll access the following export types:

  • Jitter Free:

    • GIF - 0.5x (540x540)

    • Video - 0.5x (540x540)

    • Video - 480p (480x480)

    • Video - 720p (720x720)

    • Lottie (BETA) - 1080p

All the above are available in 30 fps

  • Jitter Pro:

    • All the above listed options, plus:

    • GIF - 1x (1080x1080)

    • GIF - 2x (2160x2160)

    • Video - 1x (1080x1080)

    • Video - 2x (2160x2160)

    • Video - 1080p (1080x1080)

All the above options are available in 15, 25, 30, 60 or 120fps.

The Pro Plan also allows you to export with transparent background. You can activate this option by unticking it in the Editor.

Having trouble exporting?

If you're having trouble exporting your file, make sure:

  • You try with the latest version of Chrome on desktop

  • You close all unnecessary tabs on your browser

If you still encounter issues, please reach out using the support icon or writing an email at:

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